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First of all, excuse me if my english isn't all perfect but i'm a dutch girl. I'm doing this blog in english because it's about such a international subject and I like to share it with lots of people.

I will post things about my continent boxes, about DIY activities and food from all over the world so you can experiance the world from your living room or kitchen together with your kids.

donderdag 26 februari 2015

Drakensfruit or Pitaya

Almost a year ago I started trying out exotic fruits. After a few I couldn't find any new at my supermarket.
Last week I found a new one: Drakensfruit or sometimes called Pitaya.

When I bought it, I didn't know what to expect. This weird cactus-like fruit with red, green and a bit of yellow.

When I got home I cut it open and I was surpriced by the bright pink colour. I do not think I have ever seen the colour with any fruit.

I really wondered what it would taste like.
Well here I wil try to explain what I tasted.
The first piece I tried was a little watery. but the middle of the fruit wat quite sweet. The little seeds in it made me think of a kiwi, but this fruit is sweet and nothing even close to the taste of a kiwi (just the texture and mouth sensation is simelar).

You should try one some time. I liked it

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