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zondag 8 juni 2014

National Anthem: The Netherlands

I'll be starting a 10 week travel around the world by listening to the National Anthems of different countries. I'll start with the Dutch anthem and then pick 9 more, some well known but also some not so well known.

The Dutch anthem is best known as 'Het Wilhelmus' refuring to Wilhelmus van Oranje. It is said that the Wilhelmus is the oldest national anthem in the world. There is some international confusion concerning the oldest anthem in the world though. The Japanese anthem, Kimigayo, has the oldest (9th century) lyrics, but a melody was only added in the late 19th century, making it a poem rather than a anthem for most of its livespan. Although the Wilhelmus was not officially recognised as the Dutch national anthem until 1932, it is the oldest in the world. The anthem was first written down in 1574 making it over 440 years old.

the complete anthem as 12 verses, but we usually only sing the first and sixth.

Here is the lyrics:

Wilhelmus van Nassouwe
ben ik, van Duitsen bloed,
den vaderland getrouwe
blijf ik tot in den dood.
Een Prinse van Oranje
ben ik, vrij, onverveerd,
den Koning van Hispanje
heb ik altijd geĆ«erd.
Mijn schild ende betrouwen
zijt Gij, o God mijn Heer,
op U zo wil ik bouwen,
Verlaat mij nimmermeer.
Dat ik doch vroom mag blijven,
uw dienaar t'aller stond,
de tirannie verdrijven
die mij mijn hart doorwondt.

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