Welcome to my blog "aboud the world with matty". I'm Matty and I'm inspired by the continent boxes I found all over the internet. I started filling my own personal boxes and i'm collecting all kinds of stuff.
First of all, excuse me if my english isn't all perfect but i'm a dutch girl. I'm doing this blog in english because it's about such a international subject and I like to share it with lots of people.

I will post things about my continent boxes, about DIY activities and food from all over the world so you can experiance the world from your living room or kitchen together with your kids.

vrijdag 18 april 2014

Continent box Asia #1

Hi everybody,

Today we're visiting Asia. It's one of the continent I have not been to, but hope to visit in the future. It's a big and diversive continent with high mountains, ice cold climates, hot, desert like climates, Islands, big cities and many cultures and religions.

So there are lots of things to collect in my continent box.
Here a few of the things I have so far.

A small Menora (seven lampstand) from Jerusalem, a chinees bamboe candle, a peacock feather,
Tibaten prayer flags, a painted hand fan from China, a Chinees tea cup and three spoons from Indonesia

Felt sushi, a tiger, chopsticks, incense, tea bags and a origami flower.

A budha statue, a chinees bottle and vase, a tiny water pipe (without the tube)
and four wooden arabic poppets.

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