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First of all, excuse me if my english isn't all perfect but i'm a dutch girl. I'm doing this blog in english because it's about such a international subject and I like to share it with lots of people.

I will post things about my continent boxes, about DIY activities and food from all over the world so you can experiance the world from your living room or kitchen together with your kids.

vrijdag 11 juli 2014

Continent box South-America #2 the tast of...

Hi travelers,

Today again a little peek in my South-American continent box. At the last peek you have already seen to pictures of fruit. Today more of my fruit and spices cards.

South America has many unknown fruits and spices. We know many from Asia, but some how the ones from South-America stayed less known.

Have you ever seen these pieces of fruit? I know I never have. They are Carambola and Pitaya (never heard of either). Wow some look even stranger than others.

Some other 'new' tasts come from the different spices. To bad you can't smell the picture.

I printed the cards (A6 size) and laminated them. I made only six fruit cards, but making this blog I think I'll make some more. There are so many strange pieces of fruit.

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  1. www.techaluta.com.mx capital of best exotic fruit the "pitaya" its very different at fruit of dragon or pitahaya the pitaya best regards :)