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zondag 27 juli 2014

National Anthem: Russia

We travel on and go to Russia, a country that actually is part of two continents, Europe and Asia.
Most people however live in the European part of Russia so that's why I consider it European.
More about that in an other blog later.

In the past 100 years Russia had actually had many different national anthems.
In 1944 Russia repaced its anthem (used since 1902) for the Soviet anthem because it was more Russocentric.
After 1956 the anthem was used without lyrics because it referenced to former leader Joseph Stalin. It was only in 1977 that a new lyrics was introduces by Mikhalkov. This new lyrics was placing less emphasis on the Great Patriotic War and more on the victory of communism.

in 1990 Russia sought a new anthem after the collepse of the Soviet Union. The lyric-free "Patrioticheskaya Pesnya", composted by Mikhail Glinka was officially adopted that same year.
in 1993 the government sponsered a contest to create lyrics but non of the enteries were adopted. This resulted in Presedent Vladimir Putin's restoration of the Soviet anthem.
Eventually the goverment sponsored a contest to find lyrics to a compositon by Mikhalkov. The new anthem was adopted in alte 2000. This is the same anthem as they use now adays

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